Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Rules

As follows are the rules for the 10 for 10 Music Expansion Project.

1) Be OBSESSED with music. Done.
2) List 10 songs that have a unifying link (whether that be artist, genre, etc). Music you enjoy and think the other person should listen to. Explain why you think the songs are great and why the other person should listen to them.
3) Obtain (in whatever fashion is best for you) the 10 songs that are suggested to you.
4) Listen to each song a minimum of 3 times each. You have a week to do so.
5) Write your response to the songs that were suggested to you. What you liked/disliked about them. You have a week to do so.
6) Recommend 10 new songs with a unifying theme.
7) Rinse and repeat.

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